Obasun Solar Generator
Sine 1999, As the only solar manufacturer for generator in America's, we pride ourself as the #1 full-service solar provider. We advance total clean energy accessible to the individual end user to carry for walking, camping, and underwater usage. Businesses, institutions, non-profits, and government organizations at an economical price that they compensate for energy that is produced. By leaving behind the old fashion method, burning fossil fuels like coal, petroleum, natural gas and also the engine power generator. Obasun Solar generator gives you the poweraid (forever power). Compare to the old fashion way, plus cost, the average cost of $1235.00 for engine power generator, why not save half in price and then have clean energy, easily able to carry around with less weight, compared to engine power generator well over 250 pounds. Our approach is the highest engineering standards while making the switch simple for our customers. For order go www.femiobasun.com.

Contact Information
Email : info@femiobasun.com
Phone : 7575068004
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po box244
va - 23018
United States